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Looking For Good Christian Fiction to Read & Maybe Review

Hey guys! I have a TON of books that I’ve read in the past month or so that I want to get to when it comes to writing up a review. However, I wanted to reach out and ask if any of you have any recommendations for Christian Fiction books. I read anything, but tend to stick to upbeat stuff (not anything with rape or anything violent). I saw that there are a couple authors who write Christian Suspense and I’ve never read anything in that genre. I actually never knew it was a genre in the Christian book realm, but I should have guessed. I just never see them in the bookstores or really advertised much.

I just get a bit tired of reading books where it’s literally F-bombs and cursing in almost every sentence. Sorry if you’re into that. I’m just a peppy, upbeat kind of person and that wears me down. Let me put it this way, I love Hallmark movies and Gilmore Girls aka- quirky, funny, upbeat stuff. Back to the matter at hand –>If you have a book suggestion for me leave it in the comments below!

See you in the next post!



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