Bible Study/Devotional

I am Grateful…


I just want to say that I am so grateful for this chance to write and share it with other people. I have been writing since I was a kid and thought I’d make a career of being an author one day, but I was too afraid and backed away from the idea in my twenties. I had never let many people read my work and was afraid of criticism. I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and publish my work to share with others.

Each of us has a unique voice and stories to tell and that’s beautiful. Some of us may  express these stories more eloquently than others, but I find beauty in all of it. I am grateful that there is so much opportunity in self-publishing and social media these days. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a contract with a publisher because I felt like that meant losing control over my work and the art of it. I may be a new author, but I have so many great stories to tell. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Thank you to those who downloaded my first book on Amazon. I made it free for this week (ending today) because it’s not about money for me. It’s just about sharing a story and doing what I love. Thank you for reading.

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