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Author Bio: Chloe S. Flanagan

Later today, I will post my candid interview with Christian author, Chloe S. Flanagan. She is the author of the captivating book, “Forward To What Lies Ahead”   Forward To What Lies Aheadwhich I recently reviewed. (Click the title above to see my review and what the plot of the story is.) She is very sweet and personable. It was so great to work with her.

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Until then, I want to share her author bio so that you can get to know a little bit more about Chloe.



Chloe S. Flanagan is an author, technical writer, blogger, and graduate of New York University. She enjoys exploring the Christian walk frankly and thoughtfully in her fiction and in her blog, The Candid Corinthian. When she’s not writing, Chloe loves music, travel, reading books in all genres, and spending time with family.






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