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Like FREE ebooks???

I’m very excited to be working on the sequel to my novella, Second Chances: An Oaktown Story. As an author, I love having a “test audience” and allowing a small group of people to get an exclusive first look at my book covers and books (or in this case novellas) and hear what they think. That’s exactly what I need now for this second book in this series. So, I’m posting a link where you can sign up to join the Jenny Lynn Book Squad. You’ll get to preview my book cover, first chapter, and finished book before anyone else!!!

I have someone to edit, so that’s not what this is. I just want to see what you think. My writing style is what I think of as a cross between Hallmark Movies and Gilmore Girls. It’s quirky and fun while also being inspirational. It’s clean, Christian Romance so no hardcore romance scenes here, sorry.

If you want to be on my Book Squad, then click the link & sign up. There’s a surprise coming soon for those who do!!!

Click Here —>Join the Squad!!!


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