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Book Sale .99 cents!!!


My book, Second Chances: An Oaktown Story, just went on sale on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents and paperback for $5.99!!! Grab a copy while you can!

It’s a quirky novella about a twenty year old girl, Grace, returning to the small town she grew up in and ran from a few years ago. Her mission is redemption and a second chance to make things right with the people she loves. She finds so much more than this as she discovers how to receive forgiveness and love in unexpected places.

Get your copy today!




3 thoughts on “Book Sale .99 cents!!!”

  1. Jenny,
    I just finished reading this book and it was wonderful! Thank you so much and God bless your talent. I know that He will continue to use you to share His love through your writing.
    I can’t wait to read your second book; my heart was beating fast when I read the ending to this one.
    Wonderful job! Congratulations!

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    1. Thank you so much Karen!! That really just made my day! If you’re interested on being one of my test readers and get an early copy of the next one I’m having sign ups for Jenny Lynn’s Book Squad. I’ll send advanced copies & book covers to those people for your feedback. There’s a post for the sign ups on my blog!

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