Who Is Going To See Samson In Theaters???


Photo Credit: IMDB (link in photo)

So, who is going to see this movie in theaters or already has??? I want to go and take my teens & preteen to see it, but I’m not sure what the content is like. It says that it’s PG-13, but I don’t like to take them to watch anything with sexual situations or love making scenes in it. They are still young teens and preteens.

I’m excited that the movie industry is getting funding to make so many good Christian films lately. From the previews, this one looks to be pretty good quality filming and acting. I think Samson’s story is an awesome one to create a movie like this about. We’re pretty excited to see it!!!

Comment below what you thought about the movie!!!

Also I know we all have different standards on what we allow our kids to watch, so no negative comments on that. Every parent is allowed to make their own decision and I don’t think we should hate on each other for what we allow or don’t allow our child to watch.


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