Product FAIL!!!

So, I decided to try a new all purpose flour for making bread…needless to say it was a fail. I don’t want to just share my success stories with you all, but also my mistakes. It can save you the trouble, time, and money by just sharing my experience.

Now, I used a typical bread recipe I always use and have success with. So, I know it’s not the recipe. I bought a gluten free all purpose flour to replace my regular all purpose flour with just to experiment.

The bread came out like a brick because it was so dense. It did not rise at all. It was moist and fresh, but it did not taste all that great either.

So, this is the flour I used (below). It’s rice flour, so that’s probably what made it so dense. Next time, I’ll try a different type and let you know. I will say, this worked flawlessly in my banana-pancake batter.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any all purpose gluten free flours before!!!


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