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Book Review: Daddy’s Apple Tree A Collection of Poetry


Get your copy of Daddy’s Apple Tree HERE!!! It’s available on kindle and nook if you prefer an ebook!

I just finished reading this book of poetry by Dale Rhodes and it was AMAZING!!! His poetry is a tribute  to his father who suffered from Dementia for a long time before passing away. Rhodes describes it as having to slowly watch his father fade away as he lost memory after memory. He says that the feeling is the opposite of watching a baby take its first steps or speak its first words. I’ve lost a close family member to cancer that eventually spread to his brain and affected his ability to speak. The last several months of his life he was unable to form words at all. He could only nod, shake his head, and smile to show you his emotions.
Each poem takes you along on an powerful and emotional journey as he recollects memories from the past and tells his late father what an amazing influence he had on his life. The poetry is not limited to only the topic of his father. There are all sorts of treasures in this book including beautiful poetry written for his wife. The poem, Her Smile, is a breathtaking devotion from a husband to a wife. Gossip Pool was so spot on that it almost had me laughing at the truth in it. Tree House Windows makes you actually feel like you can see the tree house he’s describing as if you are inside of it yourself. In the Salsa had me rolling in laughter by the end. When all you want is that late night snack only to have it ruined. So true and so priceless!!!
When you read the poetry in this book, you actually get lost in it and feel like you are experiencing these things yourself. You begin to feel what he feels and it is just inspiring. It is very well written and I would recommend it to anyone, poetry lover or not.
I, myself, love poetry; however, I like a mature writing style that doesn’t sound like an elementary schooler wrote it. That’s cute when you’re young, but it gets old when you are looking for something deep and meaningful. This book is such a powerful experience that I think anyone who has ever experienced a close family member going through Dementia or any debilitating disease would benefit from reading it. Also, if you just need inspiration in some area of your life I believe you will find it in one of the many poems in this book that cover all areas of life.
If I was to rate this book, it would be 5 out of 5 stars for sure!
Thank you Dale Rhodes for being gracious enough to share your work with all of us.

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