New Project!!!

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I just LOVE that picture!!! There’s something peaceful about getting back to your roots and living that farm life. It’s hard work, but extremely satisfying. One day I hope to have an actual farm instead of my mini farming that I do. Until then, I can dream and write about it!

I’ve been researching a lot lately and working on a project that I really feel is going to be amazing. It will blow anything I’ve ever done before out of the water. I’m working on my first full length novel to be published. I’ll keep you guys updated as I go. I’m still in the writing process, but it’s coming together beautifully so far. Later this year I’ll be working on getting it published, but for now I am taking my time to carefully craft every detail of this book so that you feel like you are actually there and going on this crazy adventure with the characters. Can’t wait for you to see it!!!


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