Social Media Is NOT Your Identity


Teens and even adults are under a lot more pressure these days than even just a decade or two ago. With the rise of social media has come the increased pressure to gain followers, likes, comments, and acceptance. If you look at the basis of social media and how it works, it’s like it’s all based around the user seeking constant affirmation from the world in order to feel accomplished. The goal is to maintain a “streak” with someone on Snapchat, hit 100,000 subscribers on Youtube, or get incredible amounts of likes and followers on Instagram. Social media users are constantly seeking ways to get brighter, crisper pictures. Filters, scenery, and photo ideas are constantly being used by most people on social media to enhance their photos and get more attention and likes. This is pretty to look at, but a lot of people (especially young people) are caught up in the rat race of trying to keep up with all of this false digitally enhanced imagery of other people’s lives that are posted online. They want to be just as interesting, pretty, or popular as the next guy and  focus so much on what they need to change or do to keep up. Doesn’t this send the wrong message?

Don’t get me wrong. I think social media has its uses. It’s great for businesses and people keeping in touch with each other. I have seen that so many positive communities being formed using social media. It’s not all bad.


I just believe that we need to keep things in perspective and not get sucked into being someone else just to please other people and get likes and followers. Be yourself. Attract your tribe by being real. Besides, how much better will it feel whenever you know that people are liking your photos and following you because they support the real you?

You’re not alone no matter what you think. Be you.




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