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A Little Discernment Goes A Long Way

Choose a door…any door. Behind one is a blessing, but all of the others contains something painful and terrifying. Which do you choose?


Sometimes in life we are faced with these decisions. You have to choose one path over another and the outcome of your life depends on which choice you make. If you are a person of the world who is spontaneous and only thinks in the moment, you may choose at random or use eeney meeney miney moe. Perhaps you are seasoned in life and realize that all choices have consequences. Then you are more likely to use discernment in your decision. You ask what the outcome will be for each choice and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. Which of the two are you closest to?

We live in a fast paced culture today. We want instant downloads, faster streaming, fast food, everything delivered in one day or two day shipping. Instant gratification is a big thing these days and I don’t see it changing, not for a while.

Here’s the thing. God created the world. He is not of the world. So, it makes sense that he works differently. Sometimes we blame God or are not satisfied when we feel like we are pushing so hard and our faith is not instantly boosted through the roof. We think there’s something wrong if we struggle and therefore, we begin to lose momentum. Discernment is a quality that develops along with our faith over time. It doesn’t happen over night.

You can’t just add a drop of water and BOOM! —instant discernment. As with most things God gives us, discernment is a skill that is developed and cultivated by keeping the scriptures in our hearts and minds. What does scripture have to do with it?

Sometimes, we can feel God urging us onto a certain path; however, there are times that we are in so deep that we are so concerned with examining the situation and what we think God would want that we miss His voice. It’s not (at least usually) an audible sound like you can hear the person next to you. Sometimes it’s a feeling, a dream, or a thought, a sign of some sort. He may put someone in your life to deliver a message and you are so distracted that you might miss it.

If we focus on staying immersed in the scriptures, so that they are constantly fresh on our minds and hearts, then we will be carrying the wisdom we need for particular situations. This will help us discern between the good and the evil. Using scripture to apply to your life will help you see things from God’s point of view and therefore, help with your decisions.


Spend some quiet time with God every day. Get up fifteen minutes earlier, use your lunch break, or even before you go to sleep and read your bible. Some people have a hard time if they are not reading something applicable to their lives. My solution – find a chapter, book, or set of verses that applies to something you’re going through right now. Once you make a dedicated Quiet Time with God a habit, you will have no problem picking up your bible and reading. You may even crack out the highlighters and decide to go a bit deeper like looking for prophecy, covenants, or commands.

Some say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. I find sometimes it takes even a couple of months to truly embrace a new lifestyle. Either way, set a goal and go for it.



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