Taking A Leap!!!

pexels-photo-279470.jpegSometimes in life, we enter an area that is completely unchartered. We’ve never been in this situation before and it’s uncomfortable. We long for the familiar echoes of life that we’ve lived before.

It’s natural for us to feel afraid of the unknown and be timid to step forwards. Sometimes, we need to trust that it’s all for the best and take a leap. Once long, long ago we were all infants. We hadn’t experienced anything yet. We tried foods, baths, and several other good experiences. Not all new things are bad. Right?

So, let’s move out of our comfort zones and try something new and wonderful. What is it that you’ve been afraid to do, but you know that it’s something great. Ask for that promotion? Standing up for yourself to someone? Maybe it’s starting a new business venture or singing on a stage.


Don’t let the worries of other people’s opinions or potential failure stop you from going for your dreams. Sometimes we fall. You know what? We pick ourselves up and dust off. Then we keep going.

No one is perfect. Sometimes maybe things won’t work out, but how will you ever know if you don’t get out and live your life? As long as your motives are pure and you aren’t bringing any harm to anyone why not chase that dream?

Let go of worry and embrace adventure to do something wonderful!



1 thought on “Taking A Leap!!!”

  1. oh…I know what I am supposed to be doing and I have been dragging my feet on it and putting other things before it! I created a letter to mail to churches to promote my speaking and Life Coach services on Biblical principles. I have been stuck NOT doing it! Maybe the fear that someone might actually call. But this is what I do!!! I find it silly, but also something I need to be obedient in!! I think I want my website perfect or my brochure finished first!


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