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Pushing through the tough times

  This article was tough to write. Why? The problem is I am working with a few people (through my "job") who are at very low points in their lives. I won't give out their names, genders, ages, or any other personal information. I will say that the overall problem seems that they don't feel… Continue reading Pushing through the tough times

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Book Review: Love’s Rescue

  Love's Rescue By: Christine Johnson This book is one I recently picked up and read. It actually impressed me, so I figured I would review it for you guys. This is a historical romance set in a harbor town in Key West Florida. You really get the feel of the beach, sand, and salty air through… Continue reading Book Review: Love’s Rescue

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Author Interview: Dale Rhodes

Author Bio-- Dale P. Rhodes, Sr. was born in central Virginia and still lives there today. He wrote poetry and short stories in high school. After graduation life became centered around work, bills and parenthood and writing was pushed to the back burner. The death of Dale’s father stirred his pen to life again. Dale’s… Continue reading Author Interview: Dale Rhodes


Why She Doesn’t Sit With Her Husband At Church…

I wasn't aware that there was a new movement for wives to sit separately from their families during church services. That is, until I recently read an article on Christian Today written by Rebecca McLaughlin titled, "Why I Don't Sit With My Husband At Church." When I first read the title I'll admit that I… Continue reading Why She Doesn’t Sit With Her Husband At Church…

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Step 2: Be Flexible

Take care of your body...this is the only one you get. Most people tend to neglect flexibility training as a part of their fitness program. We tend to focus on cardio and strength training exercises, but many of us tend to do flexibility once a week or not at all. That's actually pretty backwards. If… Continue reading Step 2: Be Flexible