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Book Review: “A Test of True Love”



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“A Test of True Love” written by Jennifer Conway is a MUST READ!!!

I love all kinds of fiction. I am a book nerd at heart and always have been. Whether it is action, young adult, mystery, romance, or whatever I like it. My only stipulation is that the storyline needs to be good and make sense and also the characters need depth.

Sometimes I like a silly, lighthearted read and sometimes I want to dig into something deep and meaningful that will impact my outlook on life. This book was of the latter type. It really makes you sit back and examine yourself or life in general in contrast to the main characters and their actions.

The story starts off giving you a background of the main protagonist, Princess Jasmine. She is a young, spoiled girl with a short temper. Deep down she has a good heart, but when she is upset she reacts on instinct. Her father, the king, had passed away and the queen had become distant with her children as she was consumed with running the kingdom. Each child has their own issues they are dealing with from domestic violence and alcoholism to out of control tempers.

The reader gets a peek into the other siblings’ lives throughout the story. I love the relationship between Jasmine and her sister-in-law, Monique. You would almost think they are like sisters. Monique is the anchor that holds the family together and helps mediate the arguments between Jasmine and her mother, the Queen.

Jasmine stumbles upon a gathering in the southern part of the kingdom where a clergyman named Trevor is sharing the Word of God with the citizens and speaking against the way the Queen is taxing the people and so on. He doesn’t promote an uprising, just fairness. Jasmine is intrigued by the man and his Christian faith that she was unfamiliar with.

Jasmine finds herself returning to hear more and learn more from Trevor. Eventually, they fall in love and he wishes to court her for marriage. This is where things get sticky. Jasmine is afraid to tell her mother because she expects her to say no. Trevor is basically a peasant and has no status. So, she hides it until one day Trevor tells her she either speaks to her mother or he will. When she does confront her mother, the Queen says no as expected and Jasmine loses her temper as she falls into one of her usual outbursts.

The Queen decides that she needs to deny her Christian faith and promise to stop seeing Trevor. When Jasmine refuses, she is locked in the dungeon in a solitary cell. Day after day she refuses to recant. I won’t spoil any more from this point on, but I will say that this story follows her time in this dungeon as things go from bad to worse. She suffers horrible experiences and reaches the end of her strength. Yet, she never denies her faith in God.

“A Test of True Love” has many messages mixed into the storyline including the importance of controlling your anger to honoring those God places over you (like your parents). If you really pay attention, there are so many hidden lessons to be learned.

Even though this story has so many elements to it, it flows seamlessly. You really begin to feel for Jasmine and connect with both she and Trevor. At one point, I stopped reading in the middle of the night (because its that good) and got up to get some water. As I filled my glass I just thought, “Lord, please help them get through this.” Then I instantly realized I was praying for two fictional characters and laughed at myself. That’s how good it is!

Pick up your copy today at . It’s only $0.99 on Kindle and FREE for Kindle Unlimited readers. You’ve got to read this book! Even better news, it’s part of a series!!!

Book 1 is “A Test of True Love”

Book 2 is “No Greater Love”

Book 3 is “Till Death Do Us Part”

**This is an affiliate link for Amazon that allows me to make a small percentage from any purchases made through this link. I would never post a link to a book or product that I didn’t believe in. ***


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