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Book Review: “If Only” By Dale Rhodes Sr.

If Only (City On A Hill Series Book 1) by [Rhodes Sr., Dale P]Don’t miss out on this great short story that follows the lives of two siblings and a guardian angel…

If Only is a great short story written by Christian author, Dale Rhodes. It combines the stories and life changing events of a few characters that all converge together to form a whirlwind of salvation and growth.

The book is 128 pages, so it’s perfect for those times you want to pack a powerful punch of inspiration, but don’t have hours and hours to commit to reading hundreds of pages.

If you like to read Christian fiction that touches on salvation and how many lives from even the darkest corners can achieve it, then this is the book for you!

I’ll start off by giving you a quick synopsis of the book. This may contain a few spoilers, but I’ll try not to give too much away.

The story opens up through the POV of an angel named Thaniel. I love this character and how he can be so old and wise yet he jokes with his friends about texting and other modern things. The reader really grows to care for Thaniel while watching him fail to save many souls throughout many generations. He tries and tries to non avail it seems, but all of that begins to change in the modern day.

The reader is then introduced to two more characters during their late uncle’s funeral. Tony and Renee are twin siblings who are going through their own life struggles. Neither of them are very religious nor have they been since they were teenagers. Tony is a player who bounces from girl to girl. Renee is overly cautious due to past hurts. During the funeral, the reader comes to realize that Uncle Lou was not a beloved man who would be remembered for his endearing personality. In fact, Renee begins to constantly worry about where her uncle ended up spending eternity? Not many people would think it would be in heaven.

This spurs Renee and even Tony into thinking about the future and what’s to come of their lives. They begin to evaluate where they are in life and what needs to be changed so they don’t end up just like their uncle.

Renee’s character shows a lot of growth during the story. She starts putting effort into trying to trust again and open up to God. Even Tony starts to rethink his playboy lifestyle and starts to wonder what it would be like to settle down his life. The question is can he commit? Meanwhile, they are not aware that an angel, Thaniel, is watching over them the entire time.

Will Thaniel be able to save these two souls? Can Renee find the peace she’s looking for? Is there any hope of Tony leaving the bars and settling down? You’ll have to read to find out!

Pick up your copy HERE on Amazon!!! It’s on Kindle!


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