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Book Review: Spring for Susannah by Catherine Richmond

A Must Read in the Christian Romance Genre


This book runs the reader through a whirlwind of emotions from beginning to the end. I was hooked in the first paragraph and couldn’t put the book down after the first chapter. This was Richmond’s debut novel and it read like something written by a seasoned pro. The reader is transported to this world and finds themselves not wanting it to end as they turn the last page.

It’s a Christian Romance set in the 1800s in the Dakota territory when America was first expanding with settlers pushing out into new and unknown territory.

Susannah is a thirty year old woman who has just lost both of her parents and now must find a husband or a way to survive in the world. Her pastor and his wife set her up with the pastor’s brother out in Dakota. They are married after corresponding by letters for some time and she heads to Dakota Territory by train to meet her new husband for the first time. That’s right, the first time. It was sort of a mail order bride type situation which was common in those days.

Jesse is a kindhearted man who is very talkative and outgoing in nature. Susannah is the exact opposite. She is always trying to do what is acceptable to society as her mother taught her. So, she is critical and harsh with herself and constantly fears that due to lack of physical beauty or character that her new husband will send her packing. What she doesn’t see is that Jesse is head over heels in love and just wants to help her break free of the cage she’d been living in.

You learn a lot about how differently both of these characters were raised and how it affected their current personalities. It doesn’t take long before you fall in love with these characters and can’t wait to see more.

Susannah struggles to adapt to settler life and the harsh weather of Colorado. Jesse supports her and guides her along with their new life together and with her relationship with God. She struggles with anger towards her Creator because of the loss of her parents and her struggles in life. She also struggles to trust the man who is now her husband after a past incident back home.

Throughout the story, the reader sees amazing growth in Susannah’s character. She progresses from the meek, unsure girl she once was to a strong, assertive woman who can manage on her own.

***SPOILER ALERT!!! I’m about to reveal a plot twist!!***

At one point, Jesse is looking for work to support them and gets taken by Indians. For months, Susannah doesn’t know where her husband is and waits and finds ways to make it on her own until he returns. She has many gentleman callers trying to propose as they believe Jesse to be dead or to have abandoned her. She has some tough decisions to make as she is carrying Jesse’s child.

You have to read this book and see how it turns out. You will be on the edge of your seat as you watch the story unfold!

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