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Step 2: Be Flexible

pexels-photo-68468.jpegTake care of your body…this is the only one you get.

Most people tend to neglect flexibility training as a part of their fitness program.

We tend to focus on cardio and strength training exercises, but many of us tend to do flexibility once a week or not at all. That’s actually pretty backwards.

If we used mobility and flexibility exercises on a daily basis, we would decrease risk of injury.

Flexibility can be described as the ability for different parts of your body and your joints to reach a full range of motion. As we age, our muscle strength diminishes and they become more stiff. We don’t get the full range of motion and our joints and muscles tighten up. With regular flexibility training, we can help prevent this. The problem is, when you don’t move a joint you lose the range of motion.

Some of us are nowhere near having to worry about the affect of aging on joints, but flexibility is important no matter what your age is.

1- Start your workout or even just your day with a mobility routine to warm up.

I like to start my workouts with some mobility exercises that target the muscle groups I’m going to be working. If I’m using weights in my workout, I might run through a set of reps without any weights just to mimic the movements I will be making and warm up the muscles and ligaments that will be used.

HERE is a good video for some sample mobility exercises. You can find more through researching on the internet. Just use reliable resources.

2- Cool down or end your day with some slow stretching to loosen up tight muscles and tissue.

3- Try foam rolling sore muscles and knots.


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