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Book Review: Love’s Rescue


51ihck91ZILLove’s Rescue

By: Christine Johnson

This book is one I recently picked up and read. It actually impressed me, so I figured I would review it for you guys.

This is a historical romance set in a harbor town in Key West Florida. You really get the feel of the beach, sand, and salty air through the descriptions on the pages.

If you like action, ships, and mystery then you’ll love this novel. There are several twists involved.

The story opens up in a scene when the main character, Elizabeth Benjamin, is a teenager running to look for the man she had fallen for, Rourke O’Malley. This scene sets up the entire story as her brother sustains a lifelong injury and she is shipped off to her aunt’s home in South Carolina to prepare Elizabeth to be a true Southern belle and find a husband.

When she returns home following her mother’s death, Elizabeth is on a ship that wrecks into the reef and is rescued by a nearby wrecker ship run by Rourke O’Malley, the man she fell for as a teenager and who also took the blame for her brother’s accident. She’s excited to see him again, but worries that he blames her for not stepping up and taking the blame when she was the reason her brother was injured.

I will say that Elizabeth’s character gets slightly frustrating as she continues to think everyone is mad at her. She and Rourke have a back and forth “He/she loves me. He/she loves me not.”

Rourke is considered nothing better than a pirate by her family and they will not even consider him as a marriage prospect. Instead, they set her up with another young bachelor that she had turned away back in South Carolina. She has no interest in this young man, but her father and aunt push her towards an engagement with him anyways.

I could not stand the man that her family was pushing at her as he was pushy and didn’t seem to care much for Elizabeth and what was best for her. As you read further, a lot of family secrets come to light and you start to put the pieces together. I was totally shocked at one of the revelations – I won’t give it away since it’s a HUGE spoiler. You think you’re reading a simple story about a girl being pushed into marriage when she loves someone else, right? There’s actually several little mysteries woven into the story that Elizabeth and Rourke have to solve in order to even have a chance of being together.

Pretty much by the end of the book Elizabeth realizes that Rourke has to leave and she may never see him again. Also, her father has made it clear that she WILL marry a gentleman.

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