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Pushing through the tough times



This article was tough to write. Why?

The problem is I am working with a few people (through my “job”) who are at very low points in their lives. I won’t give out their names, genders, ages, or any other personal information. I will say that the overall problem seems that they don’t feel loved or valuable. They feel rejected by the world. These people don’t understand why they are having to go through certain things. Why won’t God just take it away or fix it? This has taken them down very dark roads in their lives and they become lost.

None of them know each other. Some have never even met. They are all completely different people from completely different backgrounds. Yet, they all suffer from the same problems. This tells me that no matter what kind of family you have, your race, gender, social or monetary status, you are still susceptible to the enemy.

It hurts to see so much pain in people’s lives. On the bright side, some of them have found a new light in life and I can see a bright spark in their eyes as they go through life now. They’re finding hope in God and what He provides for them. It’s nothing I did or anyone else. It’s purely God moving in their lives.


Sometimes, it seems we hit rock bottom before we finally let go of our own desires and ego and let God take control. We have nothing left in us to keep going, the strength we receive then comes from God. We fully rely on Him and put our faith in Him and He takes over. When we sit back and watch His plan at work, even when we don’t understand it, we are amazed at the outcomes. Sometimes, I sit back and think, “I never saw that one coming” and smile.

That’s how it is in a life dedicated to God. We don’t always understand why we are in a dark place struggling through the pain and why He just won’t lift it off of us. When we decide to just trust Him and keep pushing, we realize that all of the pain we went through purified us and made us stronger, like when we put gold into the fire to purify it or turn a piece of carbon into a diamond. When we push through the pain of sore muscles to keep pushing to the finish line because we know what lies beyond it is worth the temporary pain. We become stronger and more pure of heart.



Now, it’s not exactly a fun way to get there, but we forget sometimes that not everything in life comes easy. You have to work for some things and push yourself. As long as we are on this earth and believers in Christ, the enemy will find ways to bring pain and darkness into our lives.

However, the scriptures tell us that God will put an end to that soon. He will send Christ to defeat Satan once and for all and rid the earth of him forever. That’s one of the hopes we have in Christ.

Now, don’t get it wrong. Satan was already defeated when Christ died on the cross. Throughout his entire life and with his death he fulfilled every prophecy that pointed to the one who would be resurrected and one day return to battle and defeat Satan once and for all.

When you’re ready to give up, buckle down and keep pushing knowing that when we cross that finish line, it will all be more than worth it. Know that even before that, God will end your struggles and bring you into times of blessings. You will be stronger because of the struggles you’ve faced. Soon, you’ll go up against the enemy in prayer and drive him away with the strength of your faith in God’s abilities in your life.


And as you face those struggles, keep your chin up and look to the heavens. Know that is where your strength comes from. Remember that the battle has already been won. It is only a matter of time before Christ will return.





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