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BOOK REVIEW – Cindy Roland Anderson’s ‘Destiny Came Knocking’

Destiny Came Knocking: A Snow Valley Romance by [Anderson, Cindy Roland]


‘Destiny Came Knocking’

A Snow Valley Romance

by Cindy Roland Anderson

First off, I just want to say that I did NOT get a free copy or any compensation for this review. I am a HUGE Cindy Roland Anderson & Snow Valley Romance fan!! So, I’m doing this review because this is just an amazing series by an amazing author!

This novel is 199 pages and was published December 19, 2016.

Let me just say that if you love Hallmark Romances, then this is for you!! I am the type of person who watches Hallmark movies all through the year, not just at Christmas. I love a clean, wholesome romance.

Now, Anderson writes clean romance, but let me tell you that her writing will set your heart on fire. I know a lot of readers don’t find love at first sight believable, but my husband and I were lucky enough to experience it and have been together over 15 years, since we were teens. So, don’t knock it people!

I LOVE Snow Valley. It’s a small town up north where love is in the air and everyone, including the cowboys, are finding their soul mates. Each book in the series covers a different story and even though you think they will all be the same, they are each unique with unexpected twists and turns. They are written with a touch of contemporary humor which also makes them a fun read.

In this book, Anderson does give a feeling of love at first sight, but she also develops the romance and the story line very well. You get to know each character very well and really get into their minds. This particular story starts off with Snow Valley newcomer/visitor, Piper Jensen, finding out that her purebred dog just gave birth to a litter of puppies whose father is not the stud she hoped, but the neighbor’s rascal dog! Piper trudges through the snow in her snow wear and seeks retribution from the single father next door, Gabe Wesson.

She is instantly drawn to his children and makes an instant connection with them. She is also very aware of how charming Gabe Wesson is. Both of them have sworn off love, however, due to past hurts.

Gabe’s ex-wife abandoned he and their two kids after he found out that she was pregnant with another man’s baby. He has been raising them pretty much alone in Snow Valley ever since. He wanted to put his kids first and make up for the loss they’d suffered, so dating wasn’t quite on his radar…until Piper showed up at his door to confront him about his dog, Rascal.

Piper Jensen’s story is a little shady and she’s mortified for anyone to find out. That’s partially why she’s in Snow Valley and not back in sunny California where she grew up. Piper had met a man online through a dating site and they seemed to have a perfect relationship. That is, until she found out that he was married to a former Miss California and she was on a rampage to blast Piper for being a husband stealer. Of course, he had lied to Piper and convinced her he was single. She was just as much a victim as his wife. That’s how she lost her job as a teacher and was forced to find work somewhere far away where no one knew her.

There are many obstacles in their way while they toe the line between being friendly neighbors and something more. Also, Piper isn’t sure she is ready to expose her slandered past to this man she just met and might be falling for.

Both Piper and Gabe have their own issues that threaten the trust in their relationship. What will Gabe think when he finds out about Piper’s last relationship? He was hurt by a wife who cheated and left the family for another married man who did the same. Can he learn to trust Piper who has been labeled with a scarlet letter? Click the image below to find out!!!

Click the image above if you’d like to purchase this book on Amazon!! It’s $2.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited!!!

*This is an affiliate link so I make a small portion off of any purchases made through my link, but I would not post it if I didn’t LOVE it!!! You can’t go wrong with Cindy Roland Anderson!


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