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BOOK REVIEW – Dating the Rogue Cowboy by Lucy McConnell

Dating the Rogue Cowboy: A Lime Peak Ranch Family Drama (Country Brides & Cowboy Boots) by [McConnell, Lucy]


Dating the Rogue Cowboy

A Lime Peak Ranch Family Drama

By: Lucy McConnell

This novel is 254 pages and was published on March 4th, 2018.

McConnell has a series called ‘A Lime Peak Ranch Family Drama’. The interesting thing is that this particular book was never meant to be. The main male lead, Will Dumont, was supposed to just be the outsider in the series whose story was never really expanded on. However, McConnell couldn’t let it go at that. She felt that his story needed to be told. He deserved a happy ending. So, we have ‘Dating the Rogue Cowboy’.

I will say that I felt Will’s character came off a bit whiny to me when he stomped off mad that Oakley got along so well with his family. However, I do get what the author was trying to portray there. As I mentioned, his character was always left out and invisible as a middle child and the “different” one in the family.

Will Dumont grew up as “rodeo royalty” as his ENTIRE family was all rodeo all day. He was raised in rodeo, but now he despises it and has sworn to never set foot in an arena again. Will is the outsider in the family who is always forgotten and left out. Even when his sister gets married, everyone forgets to tell him. So, he left the ranch and works in IT for a company in another town. I love that Will’s character has two sides to him. On one side he is a stubborn, rodeo cowboy and on the other he is a computer tech nerd.

Oakley Price is the new girl at work who takes Will’s heart by storm from the moment she first walked into his office. They immediately hit it off, but Will has a secret that he hasn’t shared with her or anyone else.

Oakley lost her parents and is now the caretaker for her younger sister, Bri. Bri didn’t grow up in rodeo, but has had horse riding lessons and now has a taste for rodeo. She wants to barrel race more than anything else. Oakley takes the last chunk of their inheritance to buy her sister a horse and trailer to help Bri start competing in rodeos.

Express, the horse they buy, has a bad reputation for being out of control and needing a strong hand. Bri is thrown from Express during her first barrel race and Will Dumont, who secretly showed up to watch (breaking his own vow to avoid rodeo forever), ends up jumping into the arena and taking charge over Express. His expert handling calms the rogue horse down and gets him under control.

Will has some harsh truths to tell the girls after the incident that fires Oakley up and turns her against him. He hits a nerve when he tells her she would basically be killing her sister by putting her back on that horse. He does realize the mistake he made as Oakley and Bri had lost both of their parents.

From that moment on, the tension is thick between Oakley and Will. They are both secretly interested in the other yet they can’t seem to be around each other without arguing.

As Will starts training Bri with a calmer horse while having Express trained by his sister, the walls between he and Oakley crumble and the begin a new relationship. It’s not long until his family finds their way into Will’s life and relationship much to his chagrin. Soon, Will begins to feel everything that caused him to run away from his family and the rodeo begin to resurface. He is well known for running away from his problems.

Is Will going to run away from everything including a life with Oakley or will he find peace and be her rogue cowboy?


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*This is an affiliate link, so that I get a small portion when a purchase is made through this link, but I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t LOVE Lucy McConnell’s work. Seriously, check her stuff out!


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