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The life of a writer has its ups and downs. If you’re currently in the stages or writing a manuscript or submitting your work to publishers then you know what a rollercoaster ride it can be.

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I recently finished up a manuscript for a novel that I hope to get published soon. I’ve been working on getting it published the traditional route which can be exciting, scary, and require a lot of patience. I’ve also been working on some other projects as well that require a lot of waiting to hear back from people.

I’ve been wondering how other writers keep themselves from going crazy while they wait for a “yes” from a publisher. Personally, I’ve found that putting my energy into creating new content for my website and also starting some other projects have helped me bide my time. Still, I find myself checking my inbox pretty frequently waiting for a response.

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The thing is, you’ve put months of hard work into your project and you’ve trimmed and polished it into your precious little baby ready to go out into the world. Smile and give yourself a break. Relax for a bit and take some time to work on other things. You’ve put in the hard work, now its time to let your work speak for itself.



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