Miss America Makeover

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A Makeover for Miss America Pageant???

So, I was riding home from work today and I heard the radio host announce that the Miss America pageant would be making some major changes to the requirements for participation. They are doing away with the swimsuit and ball gown portions of the competition and would no longer be judged on appearances. Oh, and that too. They are no longer calling it a “pageant”, but are now referring to it as a competition.

They have decided to go a different direction and judge contestants based on what’s inside a woman instead of how much she can conform to a certain standard of “beauty”. They are encouraged to wear attire that will make them feel empowered and reflect their personality.

Honestly, I think this is long overdue. Maybe now we will see more contestants come aboard who work towards more substantial contributions and platforms instead of focusing on trying to conform to the pressures of society’s standards for what makes a woman beautiful. Perhaps our young girls will aspire to work harder at their studies and making contributions towards science, engineering, or even artistic endeavors instead of obsessing only over makeup tutorials on Youtube.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m part girly girl, part tomboy, and part nerd all wrapped into one. I enjoy tinkering with makeup and dressing up here and there. However, as a mother I want my daughter to aspire to be all she can be in every area of life.

I want her to explore nature and make time for the little things. I want her to read books and get lost in her imagination as she explores other worlds. Also, I want her to look deep into science and all of the amazing things that God has perfectly orchestrated in nature.

I don’t want her to think that her worth is solely in her appearance and that become her main focus in life. I don’t want her to be so worried about gaining society’s approval that she loses who she really is.

Now, if she decides that her passion in life is fashion or makeup that is fine. As long as it is what truly drives her in life. However, looking at her now I know she is going to be part nerdy like her mother. She practices being a veterinarian every chance she gets (all the way down to performing “surgeries” on her stuffed animals to make them better).

I hope for more girls to push the boundaries and find their passion in life. Whatever it is that God has planned for them, I pray that they find it and chase that dream.

**What drives you? What is it that sparks a fire in your heart?? Let me know in the comments!**




2 thoughts on “Miss America Makeover”

  1. I have long since turned off beauty pageants because I think they don’t uphold what God wants for His daughters. Why do we have to compete with one another anyway? I applaud your desire for wanting your daughter to have strong and empowered examples of what it is to be a woman.

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    1. Thank you! We don’t watch anything pageant like that is based on judging people for vanity and outer appearances. I mean, vanity and pride is what the Bible says caused the fall of Satan when he was an angel.

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