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Editing Your Manuscript…

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Every writer knows the pains of editing and tidying up that final draft of your manuscript…

It’s a long and tedious process, but its worth it when you see the final product. You get that feeling, “Hey, I did that. I wrote a book.” I’m in the editing phase right now for my 2nd novella, The Real Thing, and I’ve already found several grammatical errors and a few scenes that I want/need to change.

If your story comes out perfect the first time, you’re probably just fooling yourself. If you are a devoted writer, you will probably take a break and then come back and find things that you want to change a bit or take out all together.

It can be a little disheartening at times. There may be a scene that you were really attached to that ends up just not fitting. Taking it out can be rough, but the great thing is that you can save it for another story at another time. Maybe it just wasn’t meant for this particular story.

I know one thing for sure, COFFEE has become an essential tool as I stare at my computer and go through hundreds of pages of words. Also, my blue light blocking computer glasses…I get a lot of eye pain/strain from too much screen time.

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To top things off, I’m sort of working on two projects at once. As I edit and prepare to release the 2nd installment to An Oaktown Series, a 18-24 year old fiction novella, I’m also working on finishing up my first full length novel which is an adult contemporary romance/mystery in the inspirational fiction genre.

They are two completely different genres, but I don’t want to keep myself in one box. I enjoy writing from a younger twenty something POV, but I’m also a grown adult and love to write what I know at the current point of my life.

The fun thing about being a writer, no matter what anyone says, is that you have freedom to explore different worlds and bring completely different characters to life.

Who wants to read work by an author who uses cookie cutter characters who are all exactly the same?? I hate reading through the POV of a twenty something and then a forty year old woman and you can’t tell the difference in character. I like to see quirks and personality in my characters. So, I hope you like it too.

Just like in real life, no two characters should be exactly alike.


What do you think? Do you like to read about characters that fit a certain personality type OR do you prefer quirky characters that are each unique???


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