Nominated for a Liebster Award!

So, I got the news recently that I was nominated for a Liebster Award by fellow blogger, Greta Renee at “When Almonds Blossom” blog! Thank you Greta Renee for nominating my blog & for your kind words!Gold-Award

I don’t care if it’s considered prestigious or not, I stand by the movement of bloggers helping bloggers be discovered and showing each other support. I’m happy to accept my nomination for this award!

Official Rules: (Then we’ll get to the good stuff)

  • Link to the Global Aussie’s post about the Liebster Award & post the Liebster Award official logo on your post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you & put a link to their blog in your post.
  • Write a small post about why you love to blog.
  • Answer the questions given to you. If you are not nominated, then answer the ones on the Global Aussie’s post. (Linked Above –Click “Global Aussie”)
  • Name 5-11 blogs that you’d like to nominate & provide links to their blogs.
  • Notify your nominees about the award.
  • Create more questions for your nominees to answer. (Make them unique.)
  • Comment on the Global Aussie’s post with a link to your award.
  • Post the rules to this award in your blog post.

Why I love to blog:

Honestly, for years I toyed with the idea of starting my own blog or website, but the idea of putting myself out there terrified me. Would people bash me for my beliefs or opinion? Would my words even impact a single person? In 2017 I decided to take the leap and go for it. I also published my first book which was WAY outside of my comfort zone.

So, why do all of this if it made me uncomfortable? Because I love reading and writing and I’m passionate about encouraging others. Whether it’s faith related or just life in general I want to make a difference in someone’s life. Even if only one person is impacted by something I create, then it’s worth it. Because I also work in ministry and I have seen how a single action by a single person can shine a glimmer of hope in someone’s life who has been through hell and back. Even if you don’t get to see the results of your kindness play out in front of you, you planted a seed of hope that will one day blossom.

white short coated dog
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10 Random Things About Me:

  1. I used to despise coffee until my senior year of college when it was a vital component to finishing term papers and studying for exams. Now I love it.
  2. Watermelon is my favorite flavor and fruit!
  3. I’m obviously a book nerd, but I LOVE to be active outdoors.
  4. I’m a born sinner saved by grace and I believe in showing others love and compassion and not judgment.
  5. I’m teaching myself to play piano (and I’m not half bad).
  6. Corny 80’s movies and action movies are the best!
  7. I also LOVE corny jokes. I don’t know what it is, but even though they are lame they make me laugh.
  8. I lose the remote and my phone on almost a daily basis.
  9. Life is too short to stay sucked into a cell phone. I’d rather live in the moment than look at pictures of other people living their lives or playing a game.
  10. I was reading before kindergarten.

black and brown short haired puppy in cup

Greta Renee’s Questions for me:

  • Why did you start blogging?

    • Because I wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of others going through hard times and tough situations. Sometimes, it only takes a small light to illuminate a person’s life.
  • What do you wish you could read more of on other blogs?

    • I like reading blog posts that inspire me and motivate the reader to take action. Those are always my favorites.
  • Is there anything that you have done/not done that you really regret?

    • I think everyone has regrets, whether they are big or small. So, yeah I definitely do. One is that when I was in my early twenties, I let a couple girls push my buttons by “bullying” me I guess you could say. I went through a phase where I felt jaded by my so called “friends” and felt that I couldn’t trust other women to be true and loyal friends. This made me a bit defensive and I would push other women away rather than trust them to form a true friendship. I just didn’t want to be hurt anymore. Luckily, I realized that those two girls were the wrong friends for me and that they were insecure. That is what made them treat me the way they did. I also realized not every female is like them and how to navigate healthy vs. unhealthy friendships. I have now surrounded myself with amazing and true friends who will no doubt stick by my side to the end. 🙂
  • What are you most grateful for in your life right now?

    • My health and my family. I went through about a year and a half of being bed-ridden with sickness. I couldn’t breathe and suffered from pretty intense inflammation and pain. I’m a wife and mother, so this hit me hard. I am a busy bee who likes to move around constantly. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was going on, but I eventually got better and now I’m running around all over the place. I give back by volunteering and helping others every chance I get. Also, I run around and play with my family like crazy just because I can!
  • What is your life quote?

“When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.”


  • Finish this sentence: “The one thing that I will never do is…”

Try a Sonic Pickle Slush!!!

  • What is the best smell in the world?

Honeysuckle in the spring…

  • Freedom or stability?

Trick question. I am all about stability. However, what good is stability if you are a slave to something? I choose freedom. It may be scary, but at least I’m free to make my own choices and live my own life.

  • Describe the most insane/weird thing that you have ever done.

Oh, geez. Okay. Hmmm…Well, when I was a teenager my little brother got left behind a lot. I hated seeing that so I used to take him to tag along with me and my then boyfriend now husband and our friends. One night we took my brother “Snipe Hunting” in the woods. If you don’t know what that is I’ll give you our version of it. Some people take it to extremes, we didn’t. So, we told my brother you can only catch this “Snipe” at night. You had to walk through the woods carrying a pillow case or sack and bang a wooden spoon against a pot. The noise would scare the “Snipe” out of hiding and you catch it in your bag.

Obviously, there is no such thing as a “Snipe” that I’m aware of. It’s just a practical joke that we did to each other as sort of a “join the club” sort of thing. We had some friends hide in the bushes in the woods and make little noises while my brother walked through the woods banging his spoon against a pot. After a few minutes of this, one of them ran out at him. The bad thing was, I think one of the girls with us was more scared by that than my brother was. My brother was just mad that we lied to him. We made it up to him by getting some pizza and the guys taught him how to get a girl’s number. LOL.

  • What book have you read recently that you would recommend to your readers?

Hmmm…I have been loving the books by Cindy Roland Anderson. The most recent book of hers that I’ve read is “Destiny Came Knocking” and it was good.

  • How do you brainstorm for your blog and where do you get inspiration?

I try to post things that are relevant to real life that people are living every day. I use my own life as a guidepost and go from there. I’ll look at things going on around me or in the news to seek inspiration. I like writing down topic ideas on a scrap paper until I get the one that I know is most relevant.

If I’m posting a devotional or faith based topic, then I go off of what I feel pressing on my heart that day. I post my actual devotionals from my bible study. Other posts are related to books I’m currently reading or challenges I’m facing as a writer/blogger.

My Nominees for the Liebster Award:

If I nominated you, then here are your 11 questions! Answer them and create a post with everything the rules above state!

(Yes, I know some of these are ridiculous, but that’s the fun part!)

  1. What is your favorite smell? Yes, I said smell. LOL
  2. What has been one of the hardest moments of your life?
  3. Are you a chocolate OR vanilla ice cream person?
  4. What do you like to do when you have down time?
  5. What is your favorite movie/book genre?
  6. Tell us the silliest thing you’ve ever done in your life?
  7. What’s one of your most embarrassing moments?
  8. Name your favorite song.
  9. Who is someone who has majorly impacted your life and why?
  10. If you were a Scooby Doo character, who would you be?
  11. What is your passion in life?


If you stuck around to read all of this, then thank you so much! I appreciate all of my readers who enjoy my words no matter how random they are. 🙂 Have a blessed day!


8 thoughts on “Nominated for a Liebster Award!”

  1. PTL! Congrats on your Liebster Award! It’s so fun reading about you! You sound like my brothers and our mutual friends used to do to me. Taking us up on the Parkway, go down into the woods (conveniently just as it was turning dark), get so deep in and need to rest. Of course that’s when mysterious sounds and footsteps would be suddenly heard and the flashlight go dead! Fun memories (once you survive them 😉 ) lol
    God bless you for thinking of me with the nomination! More praise for Him.. and sharing with others! 🙂 God loves you, Jenny Lynn!


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