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Worth the Wait by: Jaymie Corlew

affection blur close up couple

Worth the Wait

Summer fling?

Nah, I’ll pass

Waiting for the real thing

Something that will last

Not burn and fizzle fast

Substance and longevity is what I crave

I respect myself, and that is why I behave.

I don’t fall for the ready smile and charm

Well, not anymore at least.

Words have taught me that they can harm.

I don’t want to be someones temporary feast.

Time can trickle by

I may even sometimes cry

Loneliness can trickle in

But God is writing my story

And I know that with and in Him

My soul and I will win

My heart will be shared

With the man God desires for me,

Not someone named Mr. Temporary.

Jaymie Corlew


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