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Right now I’m reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It was a NY Times best seller and I’ve seen a lot of people posting about having read it. So, when it showed up on the shelves at my library, I decided to check it out.

The quote on the front cover says, “…could never seem more original, or more true.”

Have you read Genesis? I have and I personally feel the complete opposite of this quote.

I’ve never read biblical fiction because I’ve studied scripture and I am particular about changing it. However, I like the idea of a biblical story sticking to the facts and filling in the gaps with fiction…expanding on the story a little. That intrigues me.

Well, I just finished Part One “My Mothers’ Stories” and I’m not sure how I feel about this book. I went into this so excited and wanting to love it because Jacob and Rachel’s story is one of my favorites. Let me just say, I did not love this book at all. I went from “Okay. Let’s just ignore that and keep reading…”to slightly confused to just plain irritated.

Did anyone else feel this way about The Red Tent or is it just me?

I’m going to try to give it a fair shot and see if it gets better, but I’m having reservations. My faith and the history behind it is extremely important to me and is to be held in the highest regard. I don’t take kindly to the twisting of scripture. Even if it’s for a fiction novel.

The actual writing technique is great, so it’s not a question of the author’s talent. It’s just so many of the details and pieces of the storyline given by the author are bothering me. Nothing about this story is accurate. I can literally sit down and write a list of all of the things the author either purposely changed or got wrong. Major things that impact the whole story.

In fact, maybe I will make that list. If I do, I’ll post it here on my blog. It’s not to bash the author. I support all authors, especially inspirational fiction writers. However, this was a beautiful story as it was originally . There was no need to change it in the way Diamant did.

Rant over…for now. If you don’t agree and like this book, that is fine. We’re all entitled to our own opinions. I personally prefer to read bible based fiction that is actually based on scripture and I’m sorry, but I can’t get past the inaccuracy to enjoy this read.

I’m still deciding whether or not to even read on. Well, we’ll see how this goes. I’ll keep you posted!

Let me know if you’ve ever struggled with a “fact based” fiction novel before!


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  1. I read this book, and, while it was interesting, it did connect dots that I believe were not meant to be connected. Since we don’t have much in the Bible from women’s experience, it was refreshing to take an imaginative journey through what may or may not have happened among the sisterhood gathered in the red tent. When I read these types of books, it is always with a grain of salt. I am writing a book about a Christian who happens to be an addict. I use scripture to inform the plot and create characters, trying my hardest to stay true to what the Bible says (in this case, what does it mean to be strong and courageous like Joshua). I find that when we try to take our plots and force Scripture to back it up, we venture down a slippery slope.

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    1. Yeah. It wouldn’t have been that bad, but she literally flipped the details down to the father’s responses/reactions and how Jacob reacted to being tricked into marrying Leah and so on. It’s just when someone literally changes major details of a biblical story I get irked because nonbelievers and people who may be exposed to Christianity for the first time are reading it and getting the wrong idea. You’re idea sounds great though. I like when writers enhance their stories with scripture.


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