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Camp NanoWriMio

If you follow my Instagram, you probably saw this post. My writing goal for July is to hit 20k words in my current project. I’ve already written a lot and 20k doesn’t sound like a lot, but for me it is.

Being a mom to little ones doesn’t leave a lot of spare time. Plus I have a crazy schedule with my Ministry work and my husband’s job. So, getting 20k for the book I’m working on in one month is a big deal. I’ve hit 40k before, but it was a LOT of work and sacrifices.

I want to enjoy my summer with my family before all of the school and holiday chaos begins!

What are your goals for July??

Also, I want to thank all of my insta followers! I’ve almost hit 200 and I’m so excited! I’m thinking a GIVEAWAY is in order once i hit over 200.

I can’t forget all of my blog followers too! You guys make my day and I appreciate every one of you for following my site! I’ll need to plan SOMETHING SPECIAL for when I hit 200 followers on here too! Getting close between my email subscribers and followers for this site!


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