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Second Chances – Updated Version Now on Smashwords!!!


So, as most of you know I’m getting close to releasing the sequel to this book, “The Real Thing: An Oaktown Story” on August 4th. Before this happens I wanted to make some updates to “Second Chances”. So, I did.

The updated version has more content from David’s POV and a few minor changes and additions. Still the same book, just a little extra added, so you could get into David’s mind a little better. I hope you all like it!

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Also, I’ve just uploaded “Second Chances” to Smashwords!!! “The Real Thing” will be up on Smashwords soon too. You can get a short preview for FREE here in several versions, and if you like it and want to read more you can purchase it. Keep an eye out for future blog posts with coupon codes for Smashwords in the future! *HINT HINT*

Click the link above to go check out my page for this series on Smashwords!


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