Are You Spiritually Deaf???

How often do we go about our days without hearing? I don’t mean the cars driving by or the television set. I mean in the spirit. The rest is just noise. It distracts you and prevents you from hearing what God is trying to communicate to us every day.

I was reading about dissociation recently.

It’s a psychology term that refers to a mental state of being in two worlds at the same time. Everyone has probably experienced this at one time or another. Like when you come home and put your keys or cell phone down while your brain is on autopilot. Then later when you need them, you have no idea where they are. Or how about when you’re driving and your mind drifts a bit. You snap back to reality and realize you don’t remember making the last two turns. As humans we are guilty of going through the motions on autopilot quite a bit. We live in a very busy and distracting age today. It can be hard not to fall into this trap.

Have you ever sat through a church sermon listening and afterwards you cannot recall what it was about? Have you ever read the Bible and realized you have no idea what you just read?

I know I have. It is frustrating when you go through life feeling as if you aren’t hearing from God. You ask for answers and you never hear any response. Some say it’s because you aren’t a strong Christian. Maybe for some people, but I know that’s not true in all cases. Did any of us ever stop to think that maybe the problem wasn’t that He wasn’t answering us? Maybe, just maybe, it could be that we have put up a wall of distraction, we have become indifferent, or perhaps we are hurt and rebelling in some way. Maybe you don’t want to hear from God because you are angry at Him or don’t truly want to hear the things He’ll have to say. If we are in the wrong in even the tiniest way, He may want to correct us and we just don’t want to hear it. Or maybe it’s none of those things. You aren’t distracted by work, kids, or social media. You aren’t going through a rebellious phase. Perhaps you have just become complacent or indifferent in your faith. Nothing “amazing” has happened lately and you are bored. Don’t let that happen to you. It’s a dangerous and slippery slope to be on. All of us are guilty of falling into one of those categories at some time or another in our lives. We have to stay alert and call ourselves out when we fall into them. Then pick up and get back on track. I have no problem calling myself out when I’m wrong or off point. You shouldn’t either. It’s not like you lose points in life. You shouldn’t be so prideful that you can’t at least inwardly admit when you’re wrong. Stay strong. Pray for answers. Read the scriptures – Old and New Covenant. I’ve read them all and I’m telling you that if you go into it looking not for Sunday School stories or tradition, but for a deeper sense of who God is and how our faith came to be you will be amazed and see things that you’ve never seen before. Even if you’ve read a story a dozen times. After reading the entire Old Testament I realized big picture things that you can only get from reading in order beginning to end. It’s amazing. It made other things about Christianity and the New Testament make so much more sense. You don’t have to have a pastor with a fancy degree to explain everything to you. The main problem in the Old Testament was that they became so focused on manmade rules and forgot all about God. Focus on your relationship with God. Ask and listen. He’ll tell you what to do. You don’t have to have a special book or person to figure out faith. Sometimes as you read, answers of all sorts will come to you. Just give it a try.

Have you become complacent/rebellious/distracted???


2 thoughts on “Are You Spiritually Deaf???”

  1. Um, ouch. You touched on so much here. It seems that if we want to diagnose the problem, then we have to humble ourselves and own up to it. I have been praying through Proverbs, and it seems that a repeated theme is if a person wants godly wisdom, then they need to a: have a reverent fear of God, and b: proceed with humility.
    Thanks for approaching this topic with both grace and conviction.

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