Benefits of Reading for a Good Night’s Sleep

girl sleeping with her brown plush toy

Do you have a relaxing night time routine??

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is vastly important for our health. However, some of us lay there for hours unable to wind down and fall asleep. With the busy lives we lead it can be hard to slow down our minds enough to fall into a good sleep.

That’s why having a relaxing bedtime routine is an important part of ensuring a restful sleep. Finding things to relax your body and your mind will help you fall asleep faster according to an article by Harvard University. According to this article, you should create a peaceful sleep environment by making sure you’re hydrated, exposing yourself to light during the day and then avoiding light exposure in great amounts around your bedtime, and keeping a set sleep/wake schedule!

I wouldn’t suggest reading a thriller or mystery at bedtime.

adult beautiful blue eyes book

Joel Goldmanย wrote an article claiming that NIH and the National Sleep Foundation both tout the benefits of picking up a paperback to wind down for sleep. Of course, reading on your Kindle app through your phone or tablet can disrupt sleep patterns through the blue light emission. This can throw off your melatonin which is the hormone that encourages sleep.

I get around this by using computer reading glasses if I have to use a device at night.

I tend to have a lot of pain in my eyes and strain from exposure to high amounts of light, especially with devices. So, I tried out some different computer glasses to cut glare and relieve the pain. It’s a good idea if you’re having a similar issue. Of course, you need a good pair that blocks a sufficient amount of blue light and you don’t want to abuse this by doing that all of the time. These are the glasses I use (and I have tried several) if you’d like to check them out:

SPEKTRUM - PROSPEK - Premium Computer Glasses - Professional - Regular - Blue Light and Glare Blocking (0.00)


Of course, there are cheaper/free options to try such as turning down (dimming) the light as much as possible in the settings of your device or switching to paperback. However, it’s so cheap to buy kindle books that you may want to go for the former.

What’s your favorite way to relax before sleep (if you have the chance)???



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