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My EXCLUSIVE Author Interview with Catherine Richmond

If you’re not familiar with her work, meet Catherine Richmond…now go on Amazon and buy her books!!! 🙂

Seriously, I fell in love with her book, “Spring for Susannah” this past spring and it’s so good I actually want to get my own copy (the one I read was a library copy) and read it over and over. I was so excited that she agreed to an interview with me. She is seriously, a sweet person and I think that her positive personality comes through in her work.

Click HERE to see my review of her book “Spring for Susannah”.

Now, let’s get into the interview. Shall we?Q: How did you get your start in writing? A:I was working as an occupational therapist and raising my family, when Harry Chapin’s Mail Order Annie planted the seed of a story. I tried to squirm out of it. Learning to write, then hunting for an agent and publisher took nineteen years. Looking back I can see God preparing me for the journey. My mom is a Virginia history librarian, so reading and visiting historic sites was in my blood.Q: What are some of your favorite books? A:I love stories that take me to another time and place, like Gabaldon’s Outlander series, Laura Frantz and Joanne Bischof’s historicals. Q: Is there an author who inspires you or that you look up to? A:Stephanie Whitson and Jane Kirkpatrick have cultivated wonderful careers, using historical characters to teach timeless lessons. Q: Your details about the Dakota Territory and the time period are so intricate and make the story seem as if it really happened. How did you research for writing a novel based in the 1800’s? A: After Virginia’s long history, Dakota Territory’s seems brief. Camping in North Dakota and visiting their historical sites helped me add realism – except for the mosquitos – who wants to read about those?Q: I loved the relationship that forms between Jesse and Susannah in this story. Was there something in the real world that inspired this relationship or parts of it? A:Haven’t we all felt shy and anxious at times? True love, especially God’s love, builds confidence and optimism. God brings amazing people into our lives to point to Him and help us grow into our best selves. Q: Spring for Susannah was an amazing story that takes the readers through so many ups and downs right along with the main character. You can feel yourself growing right along with her. Do you think Susannah would have ended up such a strong female by the end of the story if she hadn’t of lost Jesse for a time? A: When Susannah was alone, she learned Jesse’s faith in her was well-deserved – she was a strong, capable woman. I hope each one of my readers has someone who reminds her she is a child of the Almighty God!Q:  What is your favorite thing about writing western/historical fiction? A: Historical fiction is the story of women coping with the restrictions society placed on them. The only thing more confining that corsets was Victorian etiquette. It’s amazing women survived and thrived in spite of all that nonsense.Q: Do you have any future projects we can look forward to? A: Yes! I’m working on a fun story that takes place during the Golden Age of Aviation. The heroine is a pilot and the hero is afraid to fly. The slang of that period is the bee’s knees!Q: Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for the readers. Any parting advice for new writers/ aspiring authors? A: A good critique group will help hone your writing skills and develop discipline. Keep reading! And most of all, stay connected to the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus!

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