Do You Treat Your Relationship with God Like a Job???

Okay…Let’s be real with each other.

So my pastor inspired me at service this weekend. He spent a few moments asking us the following question and reminding us how important it is to stay passionate about our God.

How many of us tend to treat our relationship with God like it’s a job???

I don’t mean putting lots of hard work and long hours into it. I mean do you get excited at the end of church service because you’re free to go and you’ve done your duty for that week? Do you dread going to church service because you don’t feel like it or have other things you need to get done? Is it a chore/work that is more of a burden than a joy to make time to study the Bible, spend time with God, and go to church???Sometimes, we don’t realize it but we easily slip into the trap of treating our relationship with God the same as we do our 8 to 5 (a treat for those of you who have to put in 12-15 hours a day, I know).

Think about this.

Let’s use the 8-5 Monday through Friday job schedule as an example. You dread Monday morning like the plague. It takes a large cup of caffeine to get you going and you dread walking into the doors of your job because you know it’s the beginning to a long week. Throughout the day you like several Grumpy Cat Monday photos on social media and wonder what happened to the weekend. Wednesday you think, “Yes! We’re halfway through the week!” Then Friday you come dragging in with a slight pep because you know at five o’clock you are free for an entire weekend to sleep in and do whatever you want. The biggie is that you’re only motivation to go to work (unless you have your dream job) is to make that pay check to support yourself and/or your family and keep food on the table. People do the same thing with God. Some people only go to church once a week like clocking in at a job to lock in that pay check (entrance to heaven) like that’s all that they need to do. They grumble about having to get up early Sunday, missing the game, or not getting to enjoy the pretty weather. During service they are zoned out and keep checking the clock to see if it’s time to go yet.

“It’s only been twenty minutes??! No way!”

As soon as the pastor closes the sermon, they make a beeline for the door. Their commitment is fulfilled for the week and they are free to go and do whatever they want. At least, that’s how some see it.

Is that you?

Don’t cheat yourself. Be honest. No one is judging or even knows your answer to that. It’s between you and God. We’re all guilty of it at some point or another. If it is, then take the time this week to make your relationship with God a priority. Even if you have to set reminders in your phone at first to build the habit.

1- Take time to pray

2- Sing worship songs and praise Him

3- Go to church and learn more about Him

4- Read His life manual aka – the Bible

He wrote it just for you!


3 thoughts on “Do You Treat Your Relationship with God Like a Job???”

    1. Church is definitely important and sometimes we have to make sacrifices that hurt to show God we’re putting Him first. However, just make sure to set aside one on one time for you and God to make sure your relationship is strong. Make time for learning, worship, and talking with Him. In biblical times when Christianity was first being born, they didn’t have churches like we do today. They gathered in each other’s homes and other places to learn and worship. Do what God is telling your heart. 🙂


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