9 Days Until the Release of “The Real Thing”!!!

My Post (45)2I am super excited that in 9 DAYS, the second installment of “An Oaktown Series” will release on Amazon, Smashwords, and other retailers online!

I really tried to help readers understand Emily Caldwell’s character and background in this book. She wasn’t exactly a beloved character in the first book. She went from enemy to ally in Grace’s life. Still, she wasn’t exactly the one you’d choose to be your best friend. That would be Leah.

In “The Real Thing” my goal is to help the readers get to know Emily’s background and how it influenced who she had become as a young adult. You also get to see her transformation from that bitter, lonely person to the new Emily she becomes as a new adult in her twenties.

This book is told through Emily’s point of view and her character is a  bit different than that of bubbly, young Grace. Emily is more of a no-nonsense, straight forward person. Yet she is still a twenty year old girl, so she’s not all cut and dry. She starts becoming more personable and loving, but when her cold, socialite mother steps in things are in the air. Will she continue in her transformation and find peace or will she go back to her former life of living in Kelly Caldwell’s shadow??

This novella is available for Pre-Order now and will be released August 4th 2018!!!


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