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Tips For Writers #2

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I think you should write what you love & love what you write!!!

I’m not sure if that has been deemed a quote somewhere or not. I feel like I’ve seen it on Pinterest or something before. Nonetheless, I think it is PERFECT advice for aspiring writers and established writers alike.

Recently, I was reading on Wattpad and the author of the story added in a comment that she was told that the genre she was writing was “dead” and no one reads that any more by one of her friends. She was a bit discouraged, but she has hundreds or more readers for that one story. (I can’t remember the exact stats, but I know it was a lot.)

Here’s the deal guys. We all have a different story to tell. Tell yours. No matter what publishers, agents, or others close to you say. There is someone out there who wants/needs to hear it. Even if it’s not the number one topic or genre in demand. Who cares?

If you’re trying to make a big name for yourself and hit top 10 on NY Times Bestseller List and that’s all you care about then maybe you should consider those opinions. Even then, I still believe that it’s more important to write a story that you are passionate about.

A story written without passion is like a balloon without air, dull and lifeless.

ground orange balloon deflated

You know how it is when you start reading a story and it’s so dull that it’s almost like ripping your eyebrows out to keep reading on? (Okay, maybe not that bad, but you get what I mean.) You DON’T want to be that author. When you don’t care about the story you’re writing, it shows.

The stories written with passion can be some of the most intense and meaningful stories out there. They leave a mark on the heart of the reader. That’s what you should be striving for.

So, when you’re sitting down trying to figure out what your next project is going to be or you’re debating whether or not you should keep going with your current WIP, decide if it’s something you love. If it is, then don’t worry about what the others say.

Remember, for every story, there is someone waiting to read it.



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