Beat the Back to School Blues – His Encouragement #7

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Encouragement for Parents & the Back to School Season

Proverbs 22:6 NIV

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”


It can be hard sending your kids off on their own back to school, especially when they are young. You worry if they will be scared, bullied, find friends, and be happy. You may even worry about whether or not they are being tempted to walk the opposite path that you have raised them on. Parents of public school children tend to think and worry over this more than others because public schools today can tend to seem anti-Christian. Not all public schools are this way, however.

I am lucky enough to have a great school system for mine. By the way, I’m not here to debate on public school systems vs. other schools or even the religion vs. school debate. I don’t want that in this post or in the comments.

My point is that we can be nervous sending our kids out into the world alone without us there to guide them along the way. The verse above from Proverbs tells us that if we raise our kids up to be godly and follow the bible then we should put our hope and trust in God to guide them while they are away from us.

I think it’s important to pray for our children that God will continue to guide them while they are in school and not let them be tempted to go astray. We need to have faith.

I also find that it’s important to provide them with a godly setting when they are not in school like youth groups, family bible discussions, prayer time, etc. to strengthen and reinforce their faith. The stronger their faith and understanding of the bible, the stronger their armor will be against the enemy’s attacks to lead them astray.

The more confident they feel in God, the stronger they will feel. So, as long as you are providing them with the solid foundation in God, then all you need to do is have faith. That means believing with your whole heart that God’s got this!!!

If you’re a parent with a school-aged child and would like prayer then post it below! We will all pray together!

What Biblical verse is encouraging you today?

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