Which 2 cast members are NOT returning to “Last Man Standing” on FOX this fall…

Say “Farewell” to two of our beloved cast members from the hit television show, Last Man Standing…

So, FOX recently reported that even though the hit show, Last Man Standing, will return to television on the FOX network for the fall 2018 season, two of the cast members would not be returning with the show. This was a bit sad to me and I’m sure many other fans of the show. When you love a show like this, you want the whole cast preserved as much as possible. However, things change and we have to get used to that. That’s just television for you.

So, who are those lost cast members?

Molly Ephraim (Mandy Baxter) and Flynn Morrison (Boyd Baxter) have both decided not to return to the show. I was disappointed in this as Mandy was one of my favorite female characters on the show (not over Eve Baxter, of course). The role of Mandy will be recasted along with the role of Boyd (Kristin’s son and Mike’s grandson). Will the show be able to pull this off while recasting two roles at the same time?

Photo from ABC

Photo from ABC

I will say that this could work out without any losses on the show’s part. They did replace the original Kristin and no one seemed to care too much. I know I didn’t. In fact, I kind of liked the new Kristin better. So, who knows? Maybe we’ll like the new Mandy better? Now my favorite female lead on the show is definitely Kaitlyn Dever who plays the role of Eve Baxter. She is the son that Mike Baxter never had and I love every bit of that character! Kaitlyn does want to return to the show, however, she has already signed up to be part of a show on Netflix. If the timing works out (and I really hope it does) then she will definitely return.Who is your favorite character on the show? How do you feel about these actors not being in the new version???


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