Bible Study/Devotional

God is Faithful (His Encouragement Post #8)


This is the scripture that is encouraging me this week:

Lamentations 3:22-23

How can it be that I find encouragement in a verse from what’s known as the most sorrowful book in the Bible? I will tell you.

In Lamentations, Jerusalem is suffering punishment for their constant disobedience of God and following false prophets instead of heeding the warnings God sent through the prophet, Jeremiah.

Now, Jerusalem is in the midst of complete defeat and devastation. However, Lamentations teaches us that God is righteous and requires justice for sin. He is also faithful to keep His promises. Jerusalem was now remorseful for what they had done and were in a state of repentance. (Remember that this is Old Testament before the birth of Christ.)

The joy that I find in this book of sorrow and lament is that God is faithful to His word. So, all of the promises for good that He has made with us, He will keep.

God is faithful. Because of this, we can trust that he hears us when we pray and will care for us the way He knows we need (even if we don’t understand His ways at first). God will take care of all of your needs.

Because He is faithful, we can give him praise and thanks. We know that even if we don’t understand exactly why our lives are going the way they are or why something is happening, we can have courage and faith in hard times that He knows what He is doing.

Because He is faithful, we have the power to overcome evil. We can have full confidence that no matter what, evil stands no chance as long as God is for us. Nothing can stand against us. We can stand tall in the face of the enemy. We have no reason to fear. We can trust our God.

So, no matter what happens this week or is going on in your life, just tell yourself this:

God is Faithful!

What Biblical verse is encouraging you today?

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