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His Encouragement #9 – National Day of Encouragement!!

So, today is the National Day of Encouragement, so I posted this a day early. This is usually for Thursday Encouragement series, but I found that it was too perfect to pass up on a day that so many people across the U.S. will be going out of their way to bring encouragement to others.

The verse inspiring me in this movement is:

Romans 15:5 NIV

“Now may the God who gives perseverance and encouragement grant you to be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus,”

This is an important verse to live by not just on this National Day of Encouragement, but every day of our lives. We should hold onto it like a motto or law for our life. There is Good News in Jesus that some people don’t know about or don’t think apply to them.

You have been blessed enough to hear it! So, share it with others. Don’t keep it to yourself. When you are truly happy, you want to tell everyone. So, do it!

God has been patient with us through our disobedience and can instill that patience in us. He has encouraged us endlessly in our trials. Perseverance (patience) and encouragement are central to the Christian life and faith. However, we don’t find these things in ourselves. We will fail miserably if we try to produce it on our own from our sole efforts. We can only receive perseverance and encouragement through God who is the author of these things.

Also, as Christians we are to “be of the same mind with one another” meaning we need to unite and walk together in the ways according to Christ without condemning each other. We are built to have patience and encourage one another.

Now, encouragement can come in many forms. It can be big or small. I think that it’s the small gestures that can have the biggest impact on a person. How many times have you heard a story about a stranger given a form of encouragement from another stranger which had a major impact on their life? I’m sure you’ve seen posts on social media to this effect.

An encouraging smile. A thumbs up. A simple “you got this” or “Can I pray for you?” I like to print out an encouraging scripture on card stock in wallet size and hand them out to people randomly as I feel called to. It’s something they can put in their wallet and take anywhere. Whenever they need that word of encouragement, all they need is to pull it out and read it.

So, I want to encourage you today. That is the idea behind this series, right?

Whatever it is in your life that you are facing right now, just know that if you align your goals with that of God it will work out. You’ve got this. God’s got this.

What Biblical verse is encouraging you today?

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