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Alrighty…I’m super excited that my debut novel, Hearts Ablaze, is set to release in October 2018!!! So, to celebrate I decided to put my second novella, The Real Thing: An Oaktown Story, on sale for 50% off on Smashwords.

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, so be sure to get it while you can.

Here’s a quick synopsis of The Real Thing:

Grace and Brooke are better than ever and a wedding is right around the corner. The first book left off with a big cliffhanger as Leah was about to confide a secret to Grace. This book starts off by dropping a huge bomb that will change Leah’s life forever.

Emily Caldwell, Grace’s former enemy turned friend, is finding that her privileged life leaves a lot to be desired. She is stunned to find that Leah and Grace consider her one of their best friends now and they expect nothing of her except her friendship in return. This is a new concept to Emily, friends who like you just for you and not for monetary gain or status. She decides that her life needs a change of direction and sets her mind to making some big changes.

First thing she does is adopt a rescue dog from the local shelter. Not only does she find her new canine companion, but also the love of her life. Her mother, Kelly, is less than thrilled to see the new direction Emily’s life is taking. She decides to do what she does best and sabotage her relationship.

Emily finds herself questioning the loyalty of her new love and this new quest for love and friendship she’s been on. Maybe she was wrong.

Will she return to a life of status and money in her mother’s shadow or will she decide to fight for the love she deserves…the real thing???

The coupon code for The Real Thing: An Oaktown Story is : VP38H

Here’s the link if you want to check it out:



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