Love & Conflict : A Look Into Jacob’s Character

I want to give you a behind the scenes look into the mind/life of my two main characters in Hearts Ablaze: A Willow Creek Romance .

Today, I want to give you a look into the character, Jacob, who is the main male lead. I like things like this because you get to understand why the character is the way they are and honestly, I just find it fun.

As a writer, it can be tempting to write what is popular at the moment. You want to write something that you know people will love and sometimes it’s tempting to follow a “cookie cutter” approach. You know what I mean. Man meets woman. They fall in love. Everything is perfect. Some big trial comes about. They struggle. They reunite. Everything is just chipper and happy and even the struggle seems minute.

While this is a great basic structure to a story, I like to make each story unique and add some realism in somewhere. I like to write inspiring stories with a positive ending/message; however, I realize that life is full of conflict. Relationships are not always picture perfect. There are ups and downs and battles that arise.

In “Hearts Ablaze” there is a lot of conflict between the two main characters, Madison and Jacob. The two of them meet in a less than friendly manner and while Madison tries to remain friendly, Jacob insists on pushing her buttons (mostly because he finds her cute when she’s mad). Needless to say, Madison isn’t so amused.

Even though they bicker back and forth, Jacob is instantly attracted to Madison’s strong, loving personality and that’s a major problem for him. He has been hurt in the past by women to the point he moved away to a small town to live out his days in solitude. He has sworn off relationships and Madison is threatening to make him go back on this.

Madison has a way of drawing him in and letting his walls down without him realizing it. As soon as he does, his gruff, bland personality shows back up. It doesn’t do him much good because he can’t help but be drawn in by Madison’s vivacious personality.

After she saves his life, he realizes that he loves her and he doesn’t care what the future holds as long as she’s in it. This is when he finally tears down the wall around his heart…until he sees something and interprets it the wrong way.

Hearts Ablaze: A Willow Creek Romance

What is your favorite story with characters who toe the line between conflict and love?


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