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Book Review: Swimming in the Deep End by Christina Suzann Nelson

Well, we are right smack in the  middle of the holidays people! For my book nerds out there, I have a new book review for you! I’m in the middle of reading quite a few books, so if you’re looking for something to read over the holidays, then keep checking in for more new book reviews on my site!!!


I want to start off by stating that I did not receive any compensation for this or any of my book reviews to date. I’d like to thank Ms. Nelson for providing me with a free copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.

Swimming in the Deep End is a moving, well written novel that really captures the many facets of motherhood and even the adoption process.

The storyline follows the journey of several women in their own lives that are somehow all intertwined. I will admit that sometimes I do not enjoy stories with multiple points of view switching back and forth through a novel as the reader feels strained to keep up with whose head they are in and keeping the facts straight. However, Nelson does a great job of giving her characters unique voices and thoughts that help the readers navigate this intense journey through motherhood.

We start off in the mind of Jillian Connors. On the outside she is the perfect mother, wife, and christian. However, she has a secret past that rears its head in her seemingly perfect life as she finds out that her teenage daughter, Izzy, is pregnant. Will she be able to help her daughter navigate her pregnancy and make the right decision for her baby when she regrets a decision from her own past?

Izzy is completely lost as to what she should do when she finds out that she is pregnant. Her world is tossed completely upside down when her relationship with the baby’s father, Travis Owens, comes to an abrupt halt as he is ripped from her life. She finds herself going to stay in a home for pregnant teen girls who have no support from their families and need assistance getting on their feet or even with placing their child in a loving home. Izzy doesn’t exactly fit in there, but maybe that’s just what she needs to help her make the right decisions for her and her baby’s life.

The next person we meet is Stacey. She and her husband are starting over in a new city after suffering the loss of their almost baby boy. They had been chosen by a birth mother to adopt a brand new baby boy, but just a moment after he was born he was gone. The death of her son has devastated Stacey and she has no interest in getting back into the adoption process any time soon. However, she runs into a woman at the grocery store who runs a home for pregnant teen mothers with nowhere to go and no support system. Stacey has no idea that this random run-in at the store will turn into so much more. Soon, she finds herself thrust into the lives of the girls in the home and even opening back up to the idea of adopting a baby. Maybe she’s actually ready after all…

Finally, we are introduced to Margaret Owens who is Izzy’s boyfriend’s mother. She is a struggling single mother waitressing and doing what she can to put food on the table for her boys. When she finds out that Travis got his girlfriend, Izzy, pregnant she is irate. Travis has a future and is set to go to college. Now, she just knows that Izzy must have gotten pregnant on purpose to keep him here. After all, that’s what she did with the boys’ father. After a tragedy occurs in the family, it’s all she can do to keep her relationship with her youngest son afloat. The older two boys were gone and her youngest was all she had left now. Also, a friendly police officer from the local church starts to hang around a lot more and help out with her son and she can’t understand what a man like him would want to do with her.

I’m telling you, if you like a book with well developed, intertwined storylines focused  on strong, female characters then you will love this novel! If you are looking for a story of growth and inspiration in a book to read over Christmas break, then look no further.

Christina Suzann Nelson does not disappoint!

Five Stars for sure! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Interested? Here’s the link to get your copy now:



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