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Book Review Monday: Through the Snow – A Christian Fairytale By Celena M Janton

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

It’s one week until Christmas!! Well, I guess technically there’s one week until Christmas Eve. Either way, I have an early surprise for you all! 

Today, for Book Review Monday, I have TWO children’s book reviews for you! I usually only do one review each week, but I recently read through two Christian fairytale books written by a mother/daughter duo. 

The book review for Unicorn Ranch by young Milena Ann Janton can be found here —>

This review is for Through the Snow by Celena M Janton. It’s part of A Christian Fairytale series by Janton. Both books take place in the land of Numeira, but involve different characters. 

The story opens through the point of view of a 6th grader with a wild imagination, Lily.  She’s a foster child who hints at the hard life she has at home. She is constantly in trouble for daydreaming and imagining creatures like dragons hanging around her school. At least that’s the way everyone else sees it. Lily knows that these things are real, but no one believes her. 

Until, she meets the new freckle faced boy on the bus, Danny. He lets her know that he can see the creatures too and she is shocked and now really confused. Can everyone see the dragons that she and Danny see and they only ignore them? Are she and Danny special for some reason and are the only two who can see these mythical creatures? 

When a dragon tears through the library in a rampage, Lily finds herself being rescued by Danny and transported to a mythical land in another world. Here she learns about where she came from and is introduced to so many friendly characters. She dines in a palace, is kidnapped by a talking dragon, forms unlikely friendships, and realizes that she is not an orphan but a daughter of the Most High King. 

The only part that kind of made me pause was a scene where Lily is told that if she catches a comet, she will be granted one wish. She ends up catching it (landing on it) and meets a man who she knows to be Jesus. Their meeting is sweet and encouraging, but I was a bit thrown off by the fact that He asked what her wish was and told her it would be granted. I know the author’s intention in context was that He wasn’t really granting a wish, but perhaps bestowing a blessing on the child. I just worried it might give the wrong impression to young readers. 

Through the Snow definitely lives up to the title of this series, A Christian Fairytale. There are mythical creatures, adventure, princes, and princesses. Most importantly, it’s theme is to assure its readers that we are all children of the Most High King. 

Janton’s writing style immediately pulls the reader in as if they are seeing all of these things for themselves. You forget you are just reading a story on pages and are immersed in the island of Numeira. 

Want to learn more? 

Follow this link to the Amazon page for Through the Snow!


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