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Book Review: Unicorn Ranch by Milena Ann Janton – A Christian Fairytale

I’ve always loved books since I first learned to read and write. Reading and especially writing for me was a treasured time to relax, go on adventure, or learn. So, I LOVE when I come across really great books written by a child author. 

That’s exactly what I’m reviewing for you today – A Christian based fantasy fiction book written by young author, Milena Ann Janton. It is rightfully deemed a Christian Fairytale. 

Unicorn Ranch by: Milena Ann Janton

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Unicorn Ranch is a children’s fiction novel recommended for girls ages 7 and up. 

The story starts off as our main character, a 6th grader named Amy, moves to a new town and starts at a new school. She makes fast friends with a girl named Becca. The two share a love of horses and it just happened that their school was located in the country right next to a horse ranch!

They convince their mothers to take them for a visit to the ranch and have the best time with one of the young girls working there named Kate. There are three horses in particular that draw their attention. After a day of playing tag with these horses, the three girls fall asleep under a tree. 

This is where everything starts happening. Kate was the first to wake up and realize the girls had been transported to a magical land and the three horses from their world were now three pegacorns (half Pegasus and half unicorn),  who could talk!!! Isn’t that every little girl’s dream? 🦄🦄🦄 

Now, the pegacorns (Crystal, Diamond, and Ruby) were on a mission to find the lost princess before the enemy could intervene. The royal family had been chased from island to island by someone called “the Enemy” and were now standing strong under the protection of “The Most High King” as “the Enemy” looked for a way to complete his devious plan. 

This book is a fairytale story with talking pegacorns, pirates, and adventure. The young author also wove the elements of her faith into this story in a pretty genius way. Scripture is laced throughout this story and is a key element as its a faith based story.  

In this story, the “Most High King” is representative of God and “the Enemy” represents Satan. Janton’s prince and princess (parents of the lost princess) were constantly being attacked by “the Enemy” by various tactics. He would spread evil thoughts with “smooth words” and deception in order to turn the people on each island against the prince and princess so that they would do his work for him by chasing down the royal family. 

Everything leads up to an all out war between good and evil. The “Enemy” versus the people of the “Most High King.” 

This story reminds its young readers that despite what the enemy tries to convince us, evil stands no chance against the One who created us all. If we stand strong in our faith, we will persevere. 

So, show our young author some love and check out her book, Unicorn Ranch, on Amazon! 


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