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Book Review: “December Wishes” By: Heather Michelle

Happy 2019!!!

This is the first book review of the new year on my site and even though the title is December Wishes, this is a great read for the entire winter season!

This book starts out with a sweet thank you note to the readers from Michelle herself. It shares her sweet personality while making a friend-like connection with each person who reads this book.

Quinn is our main girl in this book and the prologue is a tear jerking letter from her father in his final moments of life. She and her father had always disagreed about the path she should take in life now that she was an adult. She wanted to pursue dance and he wanted a more stable career for her. In his final moments, Quinn’s father apologizes more than once and tells her to chase her dreams and never give up.

Quinn is a Southern girl turned New Yorker, but she easily represents the saying “you can take the girl out of the south, but not the south out of the girl.” Amongst the chilly temps and frigid New Yorkers themselves, Quinn is a warm ray of sunshine. She’s a dancer who is starting to close in on the end of her career as dancers don’t last far past their thirties. So, when she’s not performing on stage, she can be found in her studio teaching dance to young children.

The first chapter pulls you right into Quinn’s quirky yet sweet personality. Quinn’s character is very well developed and its easy to feel like you really know her.

When she runs into the guy who broke her heart arm in arm with another woman, Quinn does the only thing she can think of. Run away and jump into the nearest limo!

This is where she meets, Sawyer, a Southern businessman from Charlotte, North Carolina who has stopped in New York to close a sale for his business. The moment they meet is awkward and adorable. I won’t give away too many details, however.

Sawyer and Quinn quickly get to know each other and it seems they both fill some void in each other’s lives. The biggest thing for Sawyer is that Quinn seems to be helping him reconnect with his young daughter. Since his wife died, he had unknowingly pulled away and now is realizing there are a million little things that he has missed out on with her.

Of course, after seeing Quinn jump into a limo, her ex had to look her up and try to work things out…even though he had pretty much left her out of the blue to chase his career and success.

Will she get back with him and try to start over? Or…will she choose to see where things go with Sawyer?

Things get even more complicated when she finds out that Sawyer’s company is the one trying to buy her building out from under her and put an end to her dreams for good…

Interested in checking out this book? Click the book cover at the top of this post to be taken to Amazon and get your copy today!

I’d say this book is for sure ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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