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His Encouragement Thursday #2…

Release Your Guilt Many churches fall into the trap of guilt shaming. They are so focused on beating you down on all that you have done wrong and making you feel unworthy. Now, while it is true that none of us are truly worthy of the sacrifice Christ made for us, we are redeemed. All… Continue reading His Encouragement Thursday #2…

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Worth the Wait by: Jaymie Corlew

Worth the Wait Summer fling? Nah, I’ll pass Waiting for the real thing Something that will last Not burn and fizzle fast Substance and longevity is what I crave I respect myself, and that is why I behave. I don’t fall for the ready smile and charm Well, not anymore at least. Words have taught… Continue reading Worth the Wait by: Jaymie Corlew

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Progress Over Perfection

Progress Over Perfection Guest Post By: Caroline Hadley So many people believe their worth resides in how hard they work. If you believe this, you aren’t alone; I used to think the same thing. I tried to find my worth in stellar report cards, a perfect diet, and an excessive exercise routine. I thought that… Continue reading Progress Over Perfection

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Justice in the book of Esther

Photo Credit: IMDB from the movie, "One Night With the King" (2006) I read the book of Esther this morning in it's entirety. I've read it before and already knew it, but still I was unable to put it down until I read the whole thing. I noticed some ironies that might be described as… Continue reading Justice in the book of Esther