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This is the journal that I currently use to study the scriptures and apply them to my life through prayer. Get yours on Amazon at:


Allison Holmes is the penname I use to write my Christian children’s books under. God’s Little Critters is a new series I am working on. Each book will focus on topics in the bible that may be difficult for a child to understand and explains it simply through cute stories with loveable characters that your child will enjoy.

The Good Listener is about Daniel Dog who learns about the rule that children should “honor” their parents, but he has no idea what exactly “honor” means. He tries a lot of things that end up in disaster. Finally, his parents explain to him the true meaning and he finally understands. There is a short children’s devotional at the end that ties it all together.



The “An Oaktown Story” series is my Christian fiction/romance series set in the small town of Oaktown in the middle of nowhere. Each book focuses on the lives of different characters in town while still developing the lives of characters you’ve come to know and love. It is available in Paperback for $5.99 and Kindle Ebook for $0.99.

Second Chances is the first installment of this series released in 2018. It follows the life of the young adult, Grace, who is returning to Oaktown after running away years ago. She had run to escape the troubles of her life and the “mistakes” she had made, but she soon realizes that running was the true mistake. Coming home means facing her past, but it’s something she must do. She not only finds the redemption she’s been seeking, but also romance and friendship in unexpected places.



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