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*Writing Tips*

Finding Your Voice as a Writer   In today's world of publishers and agents it can be hard to find your own unique voice as a writer. So many people are telling you how to write and what is popular. "Write what sells" is the message they are putting out there, whether they realize it… Continue reading *Writing Tips*

book review

Book Review: Love’s Rescue

  Love's Rescue By: Christine Johnson This book is one I recently picked up and read. It actually impressed me, so I figured I would review it for you guys. This is a historical romance set in a harbor town in Key West Florida. You really get the feel of the beach, sand, and salty air through… Continue reading Book Review: Love’s Rescue


The #1 Way to Promote Your Christian Business

Do you want to know the best way to promote your Christian business, website, or platform? Well, this is the #1 way to get to success! The secret to success in any of your ventures is not what you may think. In fact, you'll probably say, "Yeah right. That will never work for me." I… Continue reading The #1 Way to Promote Your Christian Business