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Camp NanoWriMio

If you follow my Instagram, you probably saw this post. My writing goal for July is to hit 20k words in my current project. I've already written a lot and 20k doesn't sound like a lot, but for me it is. Being a mom to little ones doesn't leave a lot of spare time. Plus… Continue reading Camp NanoWriMio

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Editing Your Manuscript…

Every writer knows the pains of editing and tidying up that final draft of your manuscript... It's a long and tedious process, but its worth it when you see the final product. You get that feeling, "Hey, I did that. I wrote a book." I'm in the editing phase right now for my 2nd novella,… Continue reading Editing Your Manuscript…

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BOOK REVIEW: ‘Triplets Find A Mom’

  Triplets Find A Mom Written By: Annie Jones Published March 1, 2012 'Triplets Find a Mom' is a 222 page inspirational romance. I have to be honest and say that my child picked up this book because of the puppy on the cover and insisted that I read it. I thought it was going… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: ‘Triplets Find A Mom’

book review

Book Review: “A Test of True Love”

    "Till Death Do Us Part" "A Test of True Love" written by Jennifer Conway is a MUST READ!!! I love all kinds of fiction. I am a book nerd at heart and always have been. Whether it is action, young adult, mystery, romance, or whatever I like it. My only stipulation is that… Continue reading Book Review: “A Test of True Love”