Hearts Ablaze is Officially Published!!

It's finally here!!! After a lot of work, editing, re-editing, and so on, my debut novel is released and available for purchase! This has been a project that I've invested a lot of time into and so far I've received great feedback and reviews. As most of you probably know, I don't write to get… Continue reading Hearts Ablaze is Officially Published!!


Book SALE 50% OFF

Alrighty...I'm super excited that my debut novel, Hearts Ablaze, is set to release in October 2018!!! So, to celebrate I decided to put my second novella, The Real Thing: An Oaktown Story, on sale for 50% off on Smashwords. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER, so be sure to get it while you can. Here's… Continue reading Book SALE 50% OFF

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Book Review: “If Only” By Dale Rhodes Sr.

Don't miss out on this great short story that follows the lives of two siblings and a guardian angel... If Only is a great short story written by Christian author, Dale Rhodes. It combines the stories and life changing events of a few characters that all converge together to form a whirlwind of salvation and… Continue reading Book Review: “If Only” By Dale Rhodes Sr.